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    Help plase with get URL

      Please help,
      I have made a panorama including 6 pictures, which scrolle horizontally, when you roll over the picture, some specific text appears on the text, using the AS below:

      on (rollOver) {
      _root.colourChoice = " Series";
      _root.descriptiontext = ".";
      _root.link1 = " product31";
      _root.link2 = " product 32";
      _root.link3 = " ";
      _root.link4 = "";
      _root.link5 = "";

      what I am trying to do now is to include some URL on the text when they appear to send people to the correspondent page of the website, that where I block, knowing that I have three families of products with two to three products by family, and each of them has a specific url.

      if someone has an idea it will be really appreciate.