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    Flex and web services

      Ok, so I'm working on a side project at work and need "direction". We've currently got an Oracle application with many procs, schedules, and tables. Currently to add a record into this app is a manual process. We would like to create some form(s) to automate this out. The form(s) would need to validate input, pass parameters, return values, pass arrays of data up to the database for updating, and eventually we would have a scheduler that handles db queries for timeframes of jobs.. The forms and backend processes would be complex.

      Is it even feasible for the front end to be in Flex and if so, what avenues do I have? I was thinking of interfacing with the database in PHP and just having the front end in Flex.... We currently have a large PHP environment so we already have lots of code for this. You can't directly interface with the db in Flex, correct?

      When people refer to a "web service" in Flex, are you referring to calling a third party script (such as a PHP script) that handles HTTP input/output?