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    shockwave flash crashing on IE Chrome Firefox


      Ok i am having issues of playin games on facebook and watching videos on Livestream and even live preaching my IE freezes up once i click to watch and chrome tells me shockwave flash crashed this has started happening recently since i downloaded the new update never had this happen before please help i would love to watch and plays games again

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          vttoltal Level 2

          I have been having the same issues with Google Chrome too. It usually happens when i have more than  one website loading a Flash Animation. Also, I experienced a lot of crashes due to my computer's processing speed(it is pretty old).


          What kind of computer do you have? Is your graphics card suitable to play high-rendered video games(you must understand that now flash animations are getting more complex and heavier in terms of size and dynamics)/. What is the latest version of your flash software?

          Another thing I would do is not having three different browsers. I usually stick to one. Also check if you have any kind of software that might be blocking programs from executing(such as ad-blockers, anitivirus etc.).


          Hope this information helps,



          Vicente Tulliano.