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    Encoding HD to SD slow mo and effects jittery and shaky


      I would like to thank this forum for existing it has surely helped me with my hd switch.


      Anyway I have this project and I have quite a few slo mo clips and on my computer from timeline looks really great but I put on regular dvd from Adobe Premiere Encoder, encoding as High Quality NTSC and then burnt it in encore.


      The video on dvd is a little fuzzy and my slo mo is jittery and shaky. I am not to familiar with encoding as I have always shot sd and then made a movie and encored my final production. Is there a trick to using the proper settings in premiere or should I purchase a plug in that would be more suitable for my uses.


      I shot footage on sony HVR Z7U, I captured from dv tape to computer via firewire.


      My Computer Specs


      Intel Quad 2.8

      Asus P5Q E Mother board

      4 Gigs dual patriot memory

      5 sata hard drives

      ati Radeon hd4800

      Lg Blu Ray Burner


      Teeman 52