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    Fonts not embedding when making PDF from PM 7.1

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      In making a PDF from a PM file, I am having trouble getting the fonts to embed.  The interesting thing is that the fonts that are not embedding are Times Roman and Arial; other fonts are being embedded.  These fonts are installed and I have the "Embed Box" checked in the job type font options.


      I'm using Windows XP SP2 OS and Acrobat 7.0 Pro.


      Should the fonts be in a special folder ? Not sure what I'm mimssing here . . . .


      I had SP3 installed for the OS and was having no trouble . . . . but then InDesign CS2 would not open PM files . . . At your recommendation I uninstalled SP3 but had to reinstall the OS which meant reinstalling PM and In Design CS2.


      Any suggestions?