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    Creating a clip from still images

    Andy Post

      Hey Thrill seekers.  In advance thank you for your kindness to a premier newbie.


      I'm working on a personal project for my local Habitat for Humanity Chapter.  I'm capturing single images a 5 second intervals and want to create a time lapse film of the build.  I'm also taking stills and putting them over the background created by the time lapse.  Each week I learn a little more, and see more possibilities.


      Right now I'm taking the stills, batching them through photoshop to crop to 1920X1080, and creating 500 frame clips with Quicktime Pro (seems to be a number that won't choke my computer) then using the clips in Premier Elements.


      What I'd LOVE to do would be to just import higher rez stills, (and I know I can tell premier to make the stills 1 frame by default) but then be able to treat the entire group of 4,500 or so frames as a sinlge entity so I could zoom in/out and pan on the time lapse image.  As it is now, I don't know how to do so and am locked into a single size and crop on the "video" clips.


      I realize this is a premier pro forum and I just admitted to using elements.  But if an upgrade would give me the capability I'd do so.  I've got the trial version of pro, but haven't found out how to do it there either.


      Again, thanks for your help, and be gentle.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          There are a couple considerations:


          1.) PrPro can only take images up to ~4000 pixels on the largest dimension. One can do a lot of panning on zoomed out images, far smaller than that. High-rez images will only bog things down. I would plan on just how many extra pixels you need and set the larger ones to that. One caveat: if you want to Import as a Numbered Sequence, you will need to be aware of the numbering, and keep that consistent.


          2.) You can use a Numbered Sequence:



          To import numbered still-image files as one clip

          Make sure that each still-image file name contains an equal number of digits at the end and has the correct file extension—for example, file000.bmp, file001.bmp, and so forth.

          Choose File > Import.

          Locate and select the first numbered file in the sequence, select Numbered Stills, and click Open. When Numbered Stills is selected, Adobe Premiere Pro interprets each of the numbered files as a single frame in a video clip.

          Note: Changing the default duration of still images in the Preferences dialog box does not affect the duration of numbered stills imported into a video clip. Each still becomes one frame when imported in this way.



          3.) If you are Importing as a Numbered Sequence, there might not be much time to Pan & Zoom. Plan that carefully.


          4.) I keep my stills in .PSD format, and Import that. Now, I shoot RAW, and process to .PSD in PS, so it's an easy workflow to maintain.


          5.) You are talking about a lot of stills. I have done Projects with just over 2000 .PSD's, but most were sized to my Project's Frame Size, with only some being larger to allow for the Panning on a Zoomed out image. I have a pretty stout workstation, and have had no issues, but you ARE talking an HD Project (many more pixels, than my SD Projects) and many more still images.


          6.) For "Stop Motion," I find that 3 Frames is about right for most of my subjects. If you do not want a "Stop Motion" look, then choose the Default Still Duration that works best for your concept.


          I do not believe that PrE has the Numbered Sequence feature, and also chokes on larger still images well before PrPro does. Personally, I'd never attempt a Project of this magnitude in PrE, but I only have PrE 4, so maybe PrE 8 has better capabilities. I just do not know.


          Good luck, and there will probably be other thoughts that pop into my mind. You might also want to post to the PrE forum, and link back to this post too, so people can follow along, and not end up posting the same comments in two places.




          [Edit] Forgot to add that the Sequences feature, alone, would be a good reason to go with PrPro, in lieu of PrE for a Project of this size. You can use those like "mini-Projects" within a "master Project." I most often use them like others do "Chapters."


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            Andy Post Level 1

            I'm also using elements4 and you are correct...it does not have the import feature.  I'll give this a go when I'm back in the studio with premier pro.  Thanks a zillion.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Good luck, and let us know how it goes.


              I do not think that you will need this, as I believe that you have already progressed beyond the resizing point, but here's an ARTICLE on automating the resizing in PS. Note: for an HD Project, the sizes mentioned in the article would naturally increase - those are for SD Projects, but you'll get the idea.



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                Andy Post Level 1

                Wonder what I'm doing wrong?  I tested this on the folder of images that I've resized for my previous method so I know they are within the propper size limitations (they are 1920X1080 @72dpi.  They are jpegs, and the files are named 0001.jpg through 4335.jpg.


                I'm selecting File/Import and point to the folder that contains these files, click on 0001.jpg and check the Numbered Stills check box, then Open.


                I get the importing files dialog, but it only imports the file I've selected.


                Unless it's one of those times when your computer just needs to get a cup of coffee and think about things before it all of a sudden starts the job, that's as far as it seems willing to go.


                Any ideas?

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  When you choose Numbered Stills, and point to the 001, all should just flow for you. I have not had any issues, but have to admit to having an older version of PrPro. Still, no one else has commented on this being broken in CS4.


                  Wish I had some idea as to why things are not working for you, but I am thoughtless (as many will attest).


                  Sorry, to not have some help here.


                  Good luck,



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                    shooternz Level 6

                    I am trying to recall the workflow but I always use AEFX to import a sequence of files which I then export as an intermediate for use in PPRO.


                    Look for a checkbox  such as "Import as Sequence" or something similar.


                    I do know that I only need to choose one of the numbered sequence files in AEFX and the rest come in automatically.

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                      Andy Post Level 1

                      Aaaaahhhhhh the problem is just as I suspected.  I'm a booger eating moron.  I

                      just assumed (and what happens when we assume) that there was going to be some sort of long term churning

                      and work going on in order to accomplish this thing and that Premier would create something new resource wise.  It appears to all happen internally, and all I see is 0001.jpg.  But when I drag 0001.jpg to the timeline, its NOT a single frame, its the clip I'm dreaming of all along.


                      So, in this instance, the computer was not willing to make things as complicated as I'd imagined them.


                      So I'll down rez my just-barely-too-large files to an acceptable size and go on with my shabby little life.


                      Thanks for your patience.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9



                        We all get hooked every now and then. "Hey, that can't be right. It was supposed to take an hour, not 20 sec. Something has to be wrong... "


                        Computers are odd beasts indeed. They delight in fooling you every step of the way.


                        Good luck,



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                          Andy Post Level 1

                          I was doing a photo shoot at TI on day and saw a poem in a cubicle that read



                          I really hate this darn machine

                          I wish that they would sell it.

                          It never does just what I want,

                          But only what I tell it.


                          How often that is the case.


                          Thanks for you help

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            Good one Andy!