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      What gives with the Bone tool in Flash???


      It works on flat vector artwork...


      But if my illustrator artwork has anything fancy, like oh, um... DETAILS such transparencies or highlights in the artwork, flash can't bone it because it CAN'T LINK GROUP OBJECTS or LINK BITMAP OBJECTS...


      Let me explain:


      If I copy my illustrator artwork into flash I get a group of objects... if I try to flatten or break this artwork, my details (semi-transparent highlights in this case) become totally WHITE...  If I try to rasterize the art first, then bring it into flash, Flash can't attach the bone to a bitmap... same if I try to import a photoshop version...  And if I try to first export an .EPS version from illustrator and import that in, well Flash chokes on the EPS import - can't even do it!


      Highly discouraging given that I want REALLY NICE ARTWORK to animate in Flash, and not simple STICK FIGURES or FLAT/SHADED ART, which seems to be the only thing I can rig successfully!


      Am I smokin crack?  Any pointers?