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    Priemere CS4 will not save changes

    zjimbo Level 1

      I am not getting the changes I make in CS4 to save. I make changes and sometimes before I save and close a project the changes are lost. These changes are in titles.


      These failed saves happen after using the 'select tool' to center or change font positions.


      I can also Render the project and when I reopen it the saved Render is not in affect.


      It is like the project is set in a Read Only mode. I can make changes but they do not take affect.


      I just upgraded to Win7 Ultimate full version from Vista.


      I can give more details but for now I am hoping there is a READ ONLY button I need to click off; is there such a thing in CS4?


      Thanks Jim

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          shooternz Level 6
          I make changes and sometimes before I save and close a project the changes are lost. These changes are in titles.


          How do you know the changes are lost if you have not saved the project before you close it?


          BTW: Save the project before you close it (usually CS4 prompts you to anyway)


          Changes to anything in the Titler do not need saving.  They update automatically (unfortunately)  in the project but then the project needs to be saved

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            This is just a guess. Titles appear in your Project Panel, and when used on the Timeline, that is an "instance" of that Title. Titles are stored in the PRPROJ file, unless you Save_As_a_Template. If you change one of the "instances," or the Title in the Project Panel, that will change the Title for all "instance" of that Title. If you want to make a change, that is NOT global for the Project, you will want to use the New_Based_On icon, in the upper-left of the Titler. This will create a New title, with your changes, and "instances" of this new Title can be used.


            Exactly which, and how are you making the changes? Could you be confusing what you are changing, or looking to the wrong spots for your changes?


            Good luck,



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              zjimbo Level 1

              For once I am not confused.


              As I work my way through the current project I can go back and review the changes I just made. Often these changes will be restored to the orighional before I even have finished all the changes in the project; even if I save every few minutes and render as I work my by way throught the project.


              The changes I make are to render and have it not showing I rendered when I reopen the project.


              The changes to the titles are to center them using the select tool, only to have them be off center when I review or save and reopen.


              I employ Save and Save a copy. I also close out and use the Red X at and follow the promte to save.


              That is all pretty straight forward. Is is frustration to make a lot of changes only to have them not show up when I reopen the project.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                I have neither encountered this, nor have I read of others, having the same problem.


                I cannot help but wonder if I am missing something in your workflow.


                Good luck,



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                  zjimbo Level 1

                  OK, here's the deal. I created some rather extenuating circumstances to cause this problem. I wanted to do some house cleaning in what I call my workspace drive D:/. So I backed up all my projects from D:/ into E:/ internal HHD & H:/ external HDD. I then deleted all the items on D:/. I also deleted the CFA & PEF files in E:/ & H:/ to lighten there load.


                  When I copied the files from my backup drives that I wanted to work on and pasted them back into D:/ I found them to be corrupt. What I call corrupt is when all I see is red where the video is suppose to be.


                  I went back to my back up drives and I managed to open an uncorrupted project. However, it was messed up in the titles, and that is where the trouble manifested that I first asked you about.


                  The work flow was as followed.

                  1. opened PP in CS4 Win7 64bit

                  2. opened the messed up titles in the 'program window'

                  3. used the 'select tool' to maneuver the tiles back to the correct size and position

                  4. worked and made several other title changes

                  5. did a quick review and found the titles had lost the work I just did even if I saved as I went along

                  6. next I got them the best I could and 'rendered' the project

                  7. I then saved and closed the project (nothing we have not all done a thousand times)

                  8. reopened PP and found the changes and render was not in affect. In other words I had to reset the titles all over and render again.

                  9. each time I saved and closed I was right back to loosing all my changes


                  So here is what I found out. Instead of simply using the 'select tool' to resize and reposition I used the 'titler tool' (big 'T') and highlighted the messed up words. I changed the font from there using the tools to the right in the titler window. I would then use the 'horizional' and 'vertical aligment tools'. Then after I got things close I went back to the 'select tool' and spiffed things up.


                  This is what I do all the time to make new titles, but I also make changes like I did in the work flow I described. It seems the project was not media linked or had lost some files it needed to make simples change by using the 'select tool' alone.


                  I found I did have to open the 'projec't window and 'media link' all the downloaded effects and music I had purchased or got for free from a great free sight.


                  All is well now; the changes are saved and stay saved. The only problem I am still having is some of the clips do not stay rendered when I reopen the project. Most all of the project stays rendered, but a few will not stay rendered no matter how I do it or how many times I do it.


                  I cleaned the 'media cashe' and deleeted all the renders. I am waiting for the project to complete the task. When it does I will let you know the outcome.


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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    It seems that the housecleaning has smurfed some things: the linked media, maybe the PRPROJ files, and possibly your installation of PrPro.


                    When one has linked media, and then they Move that media, they will be asked to locate those files again, when one Opens the Project. If they choose to ignore the missing files, those will appear as Media Offline. If one then Saves that Project, the media files will ALL have to be re-Linked manually.


                    For PrPro, I would immediately do  a Repair Installation.


                    The lesson with media files is to not Move/Rename any, until the Project is done, and archived with Project Manager. Things can go very wrong, when the links in the PRPROJ file are broken. PrPro will attempt to help locate the new location, but one can make many mistakes. Once those Links are converted to Media Offline, then Saved, there is a lot of hand work ahead.


                    Good luck,