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    Better quality DVD play? on pre8

    mverhaar Level 1

      I made a project in settings NTSC HDDV 720 30


      and when I burn the DVD it takes up about 2.3GB of the disc (4.7 cap)


      Is there any way to improve the output qaulity?  I went highest quality but the biggest it gets is 2.3GB


      I thought maybe saving it as HD 720p 25 as a file which says it will be 4,242.2GB and then starting a new project with new porject settings and then burning that???


      I spent hours on the movie so far and just want it to look as good as possible.


      thanks for the help



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          When you burn your project to a DVD, you get standard video quality, even if you start with hi-def input.


          If your DVD is about 2.3 gigabytes, it would be about 20-30 minutes at the highest possible quality.


          Though, even at the highest quality, it's not going to be hi-def! That's just not possible on a DVD video.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            You are down-rezzing an HD Project to SD for the DVD. The quality of the DVD will be limited to SD resolution. What is the Duration of the Timeline? It is likely that it only fills up that much of the disc at the highest allowed DVD bit-rate for combined Audio & Video. If so, what you see is as good as it will get. What quality setting did you choose?


            Now, if you want to write HD to a DVD disc, please let us know. You will need a BD player to play that disc, even though it is a DVD blank.


            Good luck,



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              mverhaar Level 1

              I think i get it.  I saved to a folder the HD720p version and it was 5.1gb and

              clearly better.


              I then made a new project with that setting and recreated the menu's but all for nothing as it went back to trying to burn it to the DVD disc at the highest quality of 2.3gb in size.


              Frustrating that I can't get it an better on the DVD.  Some of the source footage is HD, some not...


              That leaves me back where I started in think, as good as it gets.  It's burning that 5.3gb file down to the DVD right now but suspect you are both right in that it wont improve it.


              Any last suggestions?



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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                With mixed sources, down-rezing to SD for the HD footage will yield better results, than if you up-rez your SD footage to HD.


                Still, depending on the subject matter, you might be able to live with up-rezed material. To me, it looks bleak.


                Good luck,