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    how do I add and XML feed into SQLite flex /AIR

    DrClohite Level 1

      I have both the XML and an SQL database set up and working fine in Flex. XML using HTTPService perfectly.

      I can save as e4x, it seems I need an arraycollection... but it seems like am over complicating...


      Can some one provide me a little more than a nudge in the right direction here.


      It seems as though I need to take a last result and then call a function to insert data into SQL and reiterate until XML file end? I guess it is that bit about how do I step through the data so that the SQL can update itself.


      The application gets new additional data every day, hence the HTTPService over time the user has more data to consider, so answers more accurate. Keen to put data in SQL so that user can access data offline.