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    pdf files will not open




      I have viewed through this forum and did not find a problem with similar symptoms.


      I upgraded from Adobe Reader 8 to Reader 9 and then the .pdf files will not open.


      Actions and Observations/Symptoms:


      1)  After I clicked onto the pdf document icon - nothing happens.


      2)  I right click onto the pdf icon and chose "open with Adobe 9" and get the same response.  Nothing happens.


      3)  I go to the the start menu - select Adobe Reader 9 - and the program does not even open.




      I have since removed Reader 9 and re-installed Reader 8.  I tried the above actions and got the same behaviour.  Not a whole lot happens.  It seems like something is broken after the first initial upgrade.


      In fact - I went to the folder:  


      C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader  and


      tried to open Reader by double clicking onto "AcroRd32.exe" and there was no response.


      I'm completely lost!  Can anyone share a fix to my problem?







      Some hardware & OS background info:  Toshiba Laptop - 1.58 Ghz, 3GB RAM - M/S Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3

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          mike613514 Level 1

          I can't explain the cause to the problem - but I found two "work-arounds" to get me running again.


          Workaround #1:


          I found another program (and there are many) on the web that will also read .pdf files.  I downloaded  "Foxit Reader" , installed it and it works.  I can now view my pdf docs!


          However - I got so used to Adobe Reader - I really wanted to get Reader working again.

          Workaround #2:


          I re-installed Adobe Reader 8.


          Instead of running the usual Adobe installation script that I got from the web, I copied (from another PC's C-drive)  the "Reader 8.0" folder and all its contents into my current C- drive directory structure  C:\Program Files\Adobe\.


          I re-booted the PC and can now open my pdf files using Reader 8.


          It seems to work - but I don't know what the effects of this installation method will have in the future - or the interaction it will have with other programs.  I guess when I need to remove the program in the future  - I'll have to do it manually, since it doesn't even register in the "Add or Remove Programs" under Control Panel.




          Hope this helps out anyone else with similar symptoms.


          In the original problem, it's unfortunate that there were no error messages whatsoever when I tried opening the pdf files.  It was like as if Reader was not even activated or even loaded on my PC.  I'll bug me for a while - but at least I got Reader working again (for now....)!