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    Web Page Taken Over By Porn Site

    Pain in the neck Level 1

      I know this is an odd situation and once I started checking around I see that this has happened to others.


      I have a friend who has a funky home made web site about their (well made) farm products. Today I was looking to see if their feed source was organic and I clicked on a page which then rerouted me to a porn site. So strange. How can this happen? What is the fix? How can I protect my own site from this happening? Thanks!

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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Many reasons.


          Is it a PHP site?


          My first guess is that the FTP password has been compromised and a malicious .htaccess file has been put on the server.


          First thing to do is change the FTP password.

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            Ben M Adobe Community Professional

            Could be scripts that you are running on that page, or it could be a vulnerability with your host.


            I would first recommend going through the scripts you have on your site and making sure that they are all up-to-date.  If they are custom built, hire someone to look into them.


            Then contact your host and let them know.  You can typically tell when it happened by going through your files and seeing when they were modified and viewing log files (if you have access, if not your host should be able to look it up).  Then you will need to plug the hole, or if you are in a shared hosting situation your host can look into where the vulnerability was and then see about getting it fixed.

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              Pain in the neck Level 1

              I will suggest this to them as a first step. Thanks