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    H.264 inconsistent quality- Fine within Premiere but bad outside of it.

    AdbeOper Level 1

      On my windows XP system I can import into Premiere CS3 original H.264 clips taken with a Canon digicam and they look great in the timeline. They also export without error as a H.264 movie. I can also import these H.264 movies that Premiere created back into another sequence and they too look fine.

      Where I'm having problems is when those same H.264 movies are played back in common players like Quicktime, WMP, VLC, or Power DVD, they don't look at all pretty. It doesn't matter whether they are the original out of camera clips transferred to the computer or the movies created in Premiere using the H264 preset. Quicktime always displays the originals as faded. It plays the output files from Premiere fine at first but as soon as I resize, they too get faded. The other players show them as very dark and dingy. I've done some forum reading about this and have tried the gamma stripper utility on both the original clips and the output movies with no change in the results. Any other ideas? Remember these look fine WITHIN Premiere. I just can't find a commonly used player that will do them justice outside of Premiere.