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    Adjusting a created pattern swatch


      Hello all,


      I've been searching around for a solution to my problem, it seems so basic that i'm suprised i can't find anything on the subject (maybe i use the wrong therm's).


      I have the following question, is it possible to adjust a pattern after it has been created ? So what i have done is made some artwork with vector graphics in a document, dragged it into the swatches pannel to create a pattern swatch of it. So far so good, i can apply the swatch to a rectangle f.e. and it will get filled with my artwork. But now i want to  be able to adjust the fill color of my pattern, i haven't been able to adjust the pattern swatch itself, the only thing i can do now is adjust the original artwork, create another swatch and apply it again to my rectangle.


      Is there a way that i can adjust the pattern instead of having to adjust my original artwork, and create another swatch of it ?


      Any help would be very cool


      Grts!, Samuel