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    PremierePro 2.0 questions - exporting to tape...


      My capture settings are as follows:


      (using Sony HDR HC3 camcorder)


      Editing mode: HDV 1080i
      Timebase: 29.97 fps


      Video Settings
      Frame size: 1440h 1080v (1.333)
      Frame rate: 29.97 frames/second
      Pixel Aspect Ratio: HD Anamorphic 1080 (1.333)
      Fields: Upper Field First


      I recently noticed when I choose export to tape option, the video quality is degraded.  The playback from premiere 2.0 on my playback monitor is as good as the captured original played from hard drive, but the playback from the camera (even as it is outputting to camera in real time) is considerably reduced in quality.


      How can I export to HDV (tape) without loss of quality?


      I have a segment of video, shot indoors, captured to my hard drive which looks fine.  Even playback of the edited segment looks as good as the original file while playing back in premiere pro 2.0.  However, once I choose export to tape, the quality is noticably reduced and blotchy (even as it's being dumped into the camera, as I view it through the video out of the camera).


      I always output to tape because I cannot get premiere 2.0 to output slow motion segments of video correctly while saving directly to a video file.  If I have a segment of video to which I need to add slow motion, I have no choice but to export to tape and re-capture it. If I don't export to tape and just export directly to uncompressed AVI, the slow motion segments look terrible, and all choppy.


      As a side question, I actually prefer to output to hard drive (instead of tape)  in the same exact filetype as the captured format (whatever that raw file is on the hard drive immediately after capture).  I have no idea how to imitate that exact filetype once editing is complete.


      Any responses would be appreciated.


      Thank you.