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    Problems when exporting 1280X720



      I'm using Premiere PRO CS3 and I have the folowing problem:

      I created a project using the preset " SONY XDCAM EX 720p" (1280X720 No Fields (Progressive scan), a used a filmstrip created in photoshop (was digitilized) and used in this project to create a moving filmstrip with movies and photos in the background...so far so good but when I export the file using "ADOBE MEDIA ENODER / QUICKTIME / HDTV 720p 25 / FIELD ORDER: NONE (PROGRESSIVE) among others that I already tried, I get a video with flicker in the movement in the FILMSTRIP and also in the pictures in the video...

      Why is that ?

      What can I do to get a clear video, with no flicker/trimming????

      HELP!!! PLEASE!!!!