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    multi page form

    VickyC112 Level 1


      I have a very long questionnaire that I need to put online and distribute through a number of pages. Usually when creating forms I use Forms To Go which I'm very happy with, but I don't think they offer any multi page form coding/assistance.

      I've looked on google and the words 'sessions' and 'hidden fields' have come up more than once but I'm unsure how to go about it. Can anyone help?


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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          A couple of solutions come to mind with this.


          Wufoo -



          They are a free/paid service depending on the complexity of your needs and number of anticipated responses.  The first link is their homepage, the second explains that feature.  This is the best way if you don't want to have to code it yourself.


          The second way would be to utilize the Spry tabbed panels if you have CS3/CS4.  With this you can put a link at the bottom of a tab which just opens another tab on the panel.  This way eliminates having to load pages and work with sessions.


          The final way is to submit the form on each page using sessions, carrying the variables over as you go.  This will require the most amount of work.