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    How to place text in Indesign library using JS




      Can anybody help me on the following  scripts.


      I have a Indesign library which contain 1 asset. This asset is groups of graphic frames and text frames. The text frames are linked together.

      What I want is, pull the element from the library and place some text in the textframe and place that element in the indesign  pages.


      I am able to  pull the element from the library. But unable to place the text into the textframes.


      Can anybody help me on this.


      My coding is below.



      var graphicLibrary = new File("/Users/premedia/Desktop/Indesign_AutoPg/Library.indl");
      if (graphicLibrary.exists) {
      else {   
          alert("Creating new Library");
          var graphicLibrary = app.libraries.add(File("/Users/premedia/Desktop/Indesign_AutoPg/Library.indl"));


      var getGraphics = getGraphicsFunc(graphicLibrary);

      function getGraphicsFunc(graphicLibrary)
          var t = app.libraries.item(0);
          libList = t.assets.everyItem().name;
          for (var i=0; i<libList.length; i++)
              myAsset = t.assets.item(i);
              var libItem = myAsset.placeAsset(app.documents[0]);
              // Here I want to place some text in the textframes of library element.



      Thanks in advance.