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    Is it possible to create an application frame in a flash movie?




      A while ago, I created a replacement shell to run as a front end for a cybercafe. It was nothing fancy; just a flash movie that had button links to IE and a few trusted applications.


      I'm trying to develop it further now and am wondering two things:


      1. Is it possible to send an application to a frame within a movie? For example, have a static movie at the top with links, then when a button is pressed, the menu remains but the application opens below without overlapping. I know I can use HTML and frames but really want to keep it all in one movie/swf.


      2. Is it possible to build on the above and have some sort of application lister that will allow you to switch between the two applications you have running. For example, a user may open IE, then open Word. Word has now replaced IE and I want the user to have a simple click button to go back to an existing window rather than open another instance from the menu.



      Not asking for anyone to do anything, just asking is it a feasible avenue to explore? And what would be a good starting place.