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    external SWF layer problem

    tvn studios

      I can only guess if its a layer / stacking problem or not, but I have a main fla file that loads three external SWF's, all ontop of each other, three buttons for each movie, that designate that movie is the visible one playing.


      It's basically a portfolio site.  You can see the site here






      Why aren't the movies playing smoothly?  The FPS rate is the same for all three of the external SWF's and for the main fla that is loading them.


      Can anyone help? 


      I'd be so grateful!






      p.s.  I'm including the fla file that has the actionscript that loads the movies.  It's a small code, but maybe the error is in there somewhere...

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you are loading all of the files and they are all playing at the same time, that could be the problem.  Invisible files still eat up their share of the processor if they are left in a playing mode.


          I am unable to determine there is any slowness, primarily due to not knowing what the first one is supposed to be doing and the others appear to be flip book implementations that work fine as long as they are only the couple of pages I can see.

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            tvn studios Level 1

            You are correct!


            They are all three flip book implementations.  The three are all playing at the same time, and I'm certain that is the problem. 


            I'm not an expert in actionscript, but what should I do to make the movies stop playing, but not unload, when they are in the background?


            Thanks again for your time!!