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    FLV video does not show up in AIR when published from DW




      I have an elearning project which was made with DW CS4 and consists of html pages and some popup pages which

      have flash in them.


      I used the DreamWeaver AIR extension to publish this site as an AIR application and it works fine.

      However non of the html popups that have an embedded swf which has an FLV component used to

      play some video do not work.


      In AIR the FLV component is there and I can see it , but the actual FLVs don't seem to load up in AIR?


      Can some one point me in the right direction? The site works fine as a html site and the popups all work

      properly, I have made sure all the files and folders I use are included in the AIR application settings,

      also other swfs which do not have video work fine too.


      when I publish my swf in flash, the video component works fine too, just publishing it as AIR seems

      to break the FLV component


      thanks in advance




      ps I am using DW4 with Adobe AIR extension 1.5.8


      I am using Flash CS4 and its FLV component to create the swf files playing my flvs and then

      I embed the swf file in the html popups...

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          I am also working on a mac OSX 10.5.8 ...

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            well looks like the swf is loaded into the air , but the FLV component doesn't get the right path to display the video.


            I don't know how in Flash to get the path variable from the AIR application at runtime, any help on this would be great...


            but in the meantime I found this solution,


            you will need the AIRAliases.js file from the AIR SDK, and have to put this file in the same folder as the html page you

            want the video.


            then the code in the html page is as follows:


                           <script src="AIRAliases.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
                 <script type="text/javascript">
                      var nc = new air.NetConnection()
                      var ns = new air.NetStream(nc);
                      ns.addEventListener(air.AsyncErrorEvent.ASYNC_ERROR, asyncError);

                      function asyncError(){
                      //handle error here

                      var vid = new air.Video();

            I found the above solution here:

            but ideally, i would like to know how to get the FLV component working within AIR, as the pause and play
            functionality would be usefull...