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    Overlaping divs contents

    Hobie 17

      I have been out of web work for  several years and am doing a site for a friend's assos. I am having a  problem with the footer. It overlaps the text under the left nav bar. I  have cleared the floats on the footer but can not figure out what I'm  doing wrong.


      Here  is the url for the Mock-up (for approval) i having problem with/




      Any help  you can provide would be great


      Thank You

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          osgood_ Level 8

          Dont give heights to <divs> when you don't know what height they will be. Get rid of the height from the css selector below and your problem will resolve itself.


          #left_bar_container {
              float: left;
              width: 160px;
              margin-bottom: 7px;
              height: 430px;


          Also you have an error in your css code, a redundant brace } after the 'container' selector (see below). That wont help the cascade of the css.



          #container {
               height: auto;
               width: 900px;
               margin-right: auto;
               margin-left: auto;
               font-family: Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif;

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            mahendra rajeshirke Level 2



            change ur dis line <div id="left_bar_container" >



            <div id="left_bar_container" style=" height:auto"> line





            Graphic Web Designer


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              Hobie 17 Level 1

              Thanks for the help