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    Pre-Purchase question - burning data files to Blu-ray discs?

    We No Speak
      Fist post.
      I'm about to buy the CS4 master suite and was wondering if I can finally get rid of Nero for ripping and burning discs.There are several routine tasks [for me] that I'm wondering if Premiere can handle.
      I want to burn .flac files as data files on a Blu-ray disc for playback in a player that reads .flac.
      I also want to be able to copy Blu-ray discs directly [I have two Blu-ray writer drives].
      I would also be interested in ripping some of my DVD's and putting multiple movies on one Blu-ray disc.
      In addition, I have lots of digital movie files [vob] that I'd like to burn on a single Blu-ray disc.
      Can Premiere Pro handle these tasks?
      I realize that Premiere is a video editing tool and I'm asking these questions here because of the various codecs and transcoding issues I normally run into.
      Appreciate your help and apologize up front for asking vague questions, but I'm not familiar with any of the video/audio ripping'/burning capabilities of any Adobe product.