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    Illustrator CS 4 Crashes on startup, at the plugin init. stage  (MAC)


      Mac OS X, 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, Macbook Pro.


      Illustrator CS 4 Crashes on startup (the rest of the suite seems to be working fine). I have searched high and low for the reason why. I created another user and the app works fine over there. From all of my research I am going to assume I have a nasty plugin since it looks like it is crashing on the plugin intitation stage. Let me start of by saying I am pretty computer savvy, as in I can use Google to solve most of my problems with proper step by step instructions, but I am by no means a computer genius. If you include too much mumbo jumbo without explaination, I may or may not know what you are referring to.


      So a few things I can't seem to find:


      1. Everyone is talking about caches. I think I see where my cache folder is, but what can I delete? Can you make sure I have located the right cache folder then tell me what to do next step by step? This is the cache I found: User>Library>Adobe>Cache. I see nothing to do with plugins in there but I do see a fonts folder.



      2. I looked in my plugin folder and I have no idea what is what. I don't believe I have ever installed a 3rd party plugin, but I guess I could have unknowingly, so how do I know which ones I can delete or whch ones have problems or which ones are Adobe or 3rd party? I see photoshop filters, effects and formats in the adobe illustrator plugins folder. Why is that?



      So, now onto the things I have tried. I unistalled CS4 master suite compeletely and removed every CS4 folder in the HD library and the user library then reinstalled. I also, once reinstalled, trashed the preferences folder. Then I went into the font book and removed all duplicate fonts and fonts with issues.


      If anyone can help with my specific questions and possibly provide insight on things I may have overlookedm that would be awesome.


      Thanks in advance for any help.