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    Capacity Question


      Can production print support converting from AFP to PDF? I have a potential project that will need to convert 50 million documents from AFP to PDF, then on a daily basis there will be about 25k that will need to be converted. Can production print handle this capacity? I have not been able to find any benchmarking data.


      Just as FYI, I am not ready to contact a sales exec as of yet, I am just researching our options. I need to determine if I should rule Adobe out for this project.


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          Sure, Production Print can convert AFP to PDF (or to any other page-based output format, for that matter), but you need to be clear about what kind of AFP you use on input. The basic assumption is fully composed AFP, i.e. with all resources inline; if that's not what you have, you may need to pre-process your AFP to resolve any dependencies.


          From experience, you can expect a throughput of about 1,000 pages per CPU core per minute. This will vary depending on the complexity of the AFP.


          You should definitely consider LC Production Print for you requirements - feel free to post any follow-on questions.


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            Thank you very much for the respose, that was exactly what I was looking for. Do you happen to know if there is any doucmenation on the throughput? Also is there any slide decks on Production Print? I want to present this to my executive team as a potential solution.




            Thanks for your help



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              George_vB Level 1



              the best I can offer is the information on the Adobe Web site - see http://www.adobe.com/products/livecycle/productionprint/. There is more information available (including a capacity guide), but I'm afraid you'll have to bite the bullet and get in touch with an Adobe sales rep if you want access to this.


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                pwindsor Level 1



                One other requirement quesiton, once the doucment has been converted, I need it to get pushed into an EDMS. I know that this can be done, but can it also push Meta Data into the EDMS system as well.



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                  Stefan S Cohen

                  Yes, It is possible to push both the converted document(s) and meta data to an EDMS system either directly from LCPP or by invoking an LCPP process that interfaces with the EDMS if you prefer that.


                  There is a capacity planning document but you must as George mentioned get in touch with an Adobe sales rep for that. I think you can calculate with something between 1.000 - 2.000 pages/min/cpu core. The performance depends much on document content/structure and the platform where LCPP is running. It scales well in most scenarios, so you can typically throw more processing  power at it if you need higher performance.



                  Stefan Cohen - LCPP Product Manager, StreamServe.

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