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    Button alignment issue - it should inherit I think

    brightbelt Level 1


        I'm on DW CS4 on an intel Mac. I've got a sticking point with an Email button that runs a mailto link. This button seems to only center correctly in IE 6. (For my site, I'm using templates from the Dreamweaver CSS templates that I've customized for my own use. ) 


      The 'Container' which this button is in, is set to text-align:center and I've put 'text-align:center' into the button's attributes. And yet in Firefox and Safari and IE 7, the button hangs left every time.




      I have tried setting a rather large left margin for the button, but then it looks fine in the other browsers and it looks all screwy in IE 6.0.


      Is there a happy ending to this dilemma? I do appreciate any help if anyone could offer some,

      Many Thanks, Frank B.


      BTW, I am now - thanks to DW CS4 templates - table-free in my site (with one understandable exception: a DW-generated web gallery table; maybe some day on that one). If I can do it, anyone can!  I have to brag somewhere or sometime on this, so it's right now I guess.