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    Compiling Modules with mxmlc - cannot find RSLs

    Zen Seven Level 1



      I have a command line build script which compiles my flex application, which uses many modules. Here is its structure:












      There's nothing fancy about the script, it compiles the main app, and then about a dozen modules which are compiled against the app to ensure minimal size. The application compiles fine, however when I run it in the browser I receive 404 not found errors when I load the first module. The module is trying to load the textLayout_1.0.0.557.swf and osml_4.0.0.1222.swf from the local module directory (login/) instead of the root. It then tries a backup url (http://fpdownload.adobe.com/pub/swz/flex/ without finding it.


      Here is the mxmlc command line:


           mxmlc -load-externs=app.mxml -link-report linkReport-login.xml -source-path C:\Svn\App\Flash\App\Src -strict=true -output C:\Svn\App\www\flex\release\ -optimize=true C:\Svn\App\Flash\App\Src\login\login.mxml


      An interesting thing to note is that if I try to compile a release build manually through the UI, everything works fine.


      Anyone experience this issue or have a fix? Is there a command line option I'm missing?


      Thanks for your time.