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    5000 frame project renders fast at first... then... slooooows.... down.

    Navarro Parker Level 3

      Maybe you guys can help me with this.  I have a single ProRes 4444 Quicktime movie in a comp. No effects, no scaling. Just re-rendering the Quicktime to another ProRes 422 Quicktime.  It's about 5000 frames @ 1600x1200.


      So it starts of blazingly fast.  The Est Remains shows 3 minutes! Yay!


      Then about 1/3 into it... the...render..... starts....to .... slow..... down....


      About the half way point, Est Remains: 14 minutes! Boo!


      What's going on? Why is AE slowing down on a pure no effect, no compositing render?  How can I fix it?


      Snow Leopard 10.6.2/AE CS4 9.0.2 /16GB RAM/Mac Pro (Late 2008)