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    link to a SWF with accordian




      I have created a Div in Dreamweaver and embedded the 'Spry Accordian' which works well, allows me to locate it where I need to. In the content of the Accordian I have a link/url that works well also. What I need to do is have the other of the links in the Accordian to import a SWF in a separate Div to the right of it. (the box to the right of the accordian)
      I am trying to use the Accordian as navigation and the 5 x lines of content in it as links to import a SWF into the other div on the page (the box to the right of it) - each time a link in the Accordian is pressed a new SWF is imported into the other div.
      Could anyone please help me on this, or point me in the right direction, as I am not sure how to code the link.
      Many thanks in advance for any assistance

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          Zabeth69 Level 5

          I can't get too deeply into this, but will give a warning about using Accordions as navigation. It is possible to have a link on an Accordion tab, but removing the associated content panel breaks the accordion's functioning. You'll be better off styling a link to look like one of your accordion tabs and not mixing navigation and accordions (apples and oranges).


          So, that said, if your links are in the Content Panel of the Accordion, never mind, that'll work just fine.


          Why not set up a show/hide situation for that other div (the one you want to show up with the swf).


          Or investigate sliding panels, which could do a similar function. In the latter case, each link in the Accordion Panel would be a "nav link" to pull up a different one of the sliding panels.


          Take a look in Adobe Labs for the Spry to do this.