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    Can't play the audio of my mpg file inside Premiere Pro


      My situation is I have a 2.6 GB mpg.  MediaInfo states the files audio is 1536 Kbps, 48.0 KHz, 2 channels, PCM (DVD-Video)(Big/Signed).  I can watch the video in Windows Media Player 10 (I believe) and Media Player Classic.  I need to edit the file into specific clips.  I managed to open it in Premiere Pro CS4.2 and I had the audio then.  I wanted to attempt to transcribe it.  Nothing happened.


      Later I could no longer play the audio in Premiere, but I can in the other programs.  I must have messed up a codec setting somewhere.  How would I go about fixing this, seeing which codec Adobe Premiere Pro is using and how to fix it.  I tried opening the file in Soundbooth and also no audio.  Weird.  I am looking for other options now.  Suggestions?