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    Seems time for a new release...


      Beta 2 has been out for awhile now . Anyone on the FC team want to give some hints on when we might see the next release of FC? Will it be beta 3 or 2.5?


      What sort of things might we see in the latest release?

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          Well they've always said that they can't divulge that info every time someone has asked; but I definitely agree, it's been a really long time and I certainly hope they release one soon.


          If beta 3 came out and had enhanced and expanded the video and audio features I could finally start building the portfolio that I don't know how to script in Flash. I've made an almost complete version of my dream site (of course without interactivity) in Photoshop CS4, and it's been sitting in a folder for 4 months - I'm just waiting to construct and upload it. If I could code AS3 this probably wouldn't be the issue, but I'm a film major not a software engineer and AS2 is missing the functionality I need.


          Wishful thinking