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    link in accordian to load a swf




      I have created a Div in Dreamweaver and embedded the 'Spry Accordian' which works well, allows me to locate it where I need to. In the content of the Accordian I have a link/url that works well also. What I need to do is have the other of the links in the Accordian to import a SWF in a separate Div to the right of it. (the box to the right of the accordian)
      I am trying to use the Accordian as navigation and the 5 x lines of content in it as links to import a SWF into the other div on the page (the box to the right of it) - each time a link in the Accordian is pressed a new SWF is imported into the other div.

      Please see attachment.
      Could anyone please help me on this, or point me in the right direction, as I am not sure how to code the link.

      Many thanks in advance for any assistance