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    Email Link on Hotspot / Video Issue


      Hey there.  I recently uploaded my site to the web and I can't seem to get a very simple email link to function properly in both Safari and Firefox.  Here's the link to my homepage where the problem resides:


      www.alanlampert.com (''index.html" attached)


      There was a hotspot drawn over the contacts link, and I selected it, went into the ''link'' box in the properties inspector, and typed 'mailto:xxxxx@gmail.com' (without the apostrophies or spaces, no special characters), yet the link still doesn't work.  I went and looked at the code and it seems to be the same as what everyone says I should have coded for this to function.  Any ideas as to why it isn't working?  I simply want the user to be able to select the link, and have mail open with my email address included in the 'to' box.




      On a separate note - I posted about this previously but hadn't yet uploaded my page - I'm having issues in Safari (Firefox works just fine) - with viewing my little video gallery.  Here's the link:


      http://www.alanlampert.com/video.html ("video.html" attached)


      When you navigate to the page initially in Safari, I want the video display section in the middle of the layout to be a blank white space, and the user will then select one of the links at the top to display the video (NOTE: ''Reel'' is currently not an active link, this is not a mistake).  However, when you bring up this page in Safari, there are black spaces where the videos will be displayed even before the user has selected any links.  Then you have to select the links several times to get the videos to display properly; a frustrating and ugly design issue.  Any ideas on why this is happening?  Thanks!