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    New topics are compiled in but don't display when help button is pressed



      I'm using RoboHelp HTML Build 6. I am the only writer who uses RH and have been using this build for 2 years or so.


      I recently got a new map file from the developer containing 2 new map IDs. I used the same steps to import the map file, create the new topics, and map them to the new map IDs that I have been using for years. But when I compiled RH and pasted the chm into the application folder, those 2 new topics don't display when the help button is clicked on the dialog box to which they are mapped.


      When I generate the chm I can look at the output at the bottom of RH project view and see that that the 2 new htm files are being compiled into the RH project. I can also see them if I open the generated chm and go into the TOC and click on a link to them.


      Does anyone have any ideas? I have tried redoing the usual procedure (see below) for the importing and mapping from scratch several times. I have also tried BugHunter (see below).


      Procedure for Importing and Mapping (this time the help for all the older dialog boxes works but not for the 2 new ones)

      1. Open the new map (.hm) file from the developer and add #define followed by a space to each entry beginnng with the string HID in the new map file (I don't know why but nothing works unless I do this.)

      2. Delete the old map file from the RH project.

      3. In Windows Explorer, copy the new .hm file into the RH project folder.

      4.In Project Manager view, open Context-Sensitive Help. Right-click on Map Files. Select Import. Browse and select the new map file.

      6. Map the new topics using File, Edit Map IDs.

      7. Generate the .chm and pasted it into the application where it always goes.


      BugHunter Procedures and Results

      I first tried the Test HTML Help API dialog.

      I specified the .CHM file I compiled and tested both options:

      --HH_DISPLAY_TOPIC: I put in the name of the new help (htm) file and its relative path and clicked Help. Nothing happened.

      --HH_HELP_CONTEXT: I put in the Map Number for the new dialog box and clicked Help. The new help topic I had created displayed.

      I also used the Tools tab in BugHunter to do a CSH (context sensitive help) Test. I identified the chm file and opened it and put in a new map number, then clicked Show Help. Nothing happened.