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    Programmatically generate live streaming video?


      We have video cameras from Point Grey Research that are typically used for instrumentation and measuring. To oversimplify, the Flycapture software library they provide essentially captures single frames as 2-dimensional arrays of 16-bit greyscale values. We want to measure and process this information in real time. We also want to take this video, write some simple overlays on it (rectangular outlines, histograms, etc.) and make it available for viewing on a local area network using an ordinary web browser.


      That is, we need to programmatically generate a live FLV stream on the fly--where the source of the video is not actually a device, but our program. The resolution and bandwidth requirements are modest; 320x240 30 fps 8 bit-grey = less than three megabytes per second. Some very simple, fast, easy compression would do, and in fact compression is not really needed at all.


      I'm puzzled as how to where to start. I've browsed dozens of free and commercial packages, and they all seem to assume that the video source is a device.


      The FLV and RTMP specs are intimidating. I can't easily identify any trivial subset (e.g. no compression) that would be easy to implement myself, nor have I found free or inexpensive commercial libraries that would do it for me.