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    I have a contact form page that I'm try to improve...


      Hello All,


      I have a page that I'm trying to improve upon- it's an html->email builder and I could use some help. I'm trying to decide what tool(s) to use to get a CGI email sent to a dynamically chosen address depending on the users selection of their needs. I have used Spry to build up a text validation on this form. I also used some html tools to set up the fields and checkboxes for user selection.


      Now I'm trying to figure out what to use to select an email address(es) based upon the users' selection of interests. Here is the web page:



      Here are samples of the email doc it send me when a user fills out the form...

      Name h
      Address 1
      City m
      Zip 3
      Email h
      Phone 1
      Safe Boating
      Coast Guard Info
      Joining USCG Aux
      Vessel Check
      Website Issue


      The action I want is to send the information to all addresses related to the checkboxes (1 per) depending on the selection of the user. How do I do that? What tools do you recommend I try to use and do you have any suggestion as to the selection criteria to be used? Would I do it traditionally assign an email to each through some variable and then add that text to the email text with a comma between each? Something else?