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    Auto-generate GUID for new HTML Pages

    J41 Level 1

      Essentially, I'm trying to ensure that each HTML document created using DreamWeaver will have a meta-tag with a unique identifier using a GUID. Here are a few ways that I thought would work, but if there is an easier way of doing it please let me know.


      1. Auto-generate (preferred method) - When the user creates a new page, DreamWeaver will automatically generate a GUID and add a meta-tag. This way the user only has to save the document. - I'm not sure if this is possible, or if there is a way to modify the templates that Dw uses to create pages  xhtml, html, etc...


      2. Extension - I was thinking an extension could be added to the top menu so the user could click "Add GUID to Page" and it would generate a GUID and add the meta-tag to the web page.


      Note: The problem with this method is that unless Dw prevents the user from saving the document until he/she generates and adds a GUID to the document, there is no way to enforce it. If there's a way to add an eventlistener to fire off an alert box when the user clicks Save that would probably work.



      Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.