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    Flash CS4: Unable to perform Test Movie when working on an AIR file

    c0j Level 1

      I am starting to develop  an AIR application. After doing some code, I am able to test the AIR file from within Flash CS4. I then close the Movie Test and made some additional changes. I performed another Test Movie however nothing happens. If I restart Flash CS4, I am able to test the AIR file but not a second time.



      OS: Windows 7 64

      Flash CS4

      4GB RAM


      I have performed the following troubleshooting steps:


      1. Reset the configuration folder -> same issue

      2. Reset the Registry Key -> same issue

      3. Tested on Windows XP 32 (Same machine [dual-boot]) -> works

      4. Tested with a brand new FLA AIR file -> same issue

      5. If I convert the AIR file to a standard AS3 document -> able to to test with no issue



      Any suggestions or solutions will be most helpful.