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    Working OK except for 1 page



      All pages on a Contribute 3 administered website are editable by the client except one - the homepage (index.html).

      The Edit button is active, but pressing it results in no action or errors. All other pages respond properly to the Edit button.

      I've recreated the page from scratch, and waiting on the client to test.

      Any other ideas while I wait on the result?


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          This could be either a webserver setup issue, a Contribute setup issue or both.

          When you go to your home page, you are probably going to:


          and Contribute can't currently pick up the home page, which should be recognised as the 'default' page.

          If you are on a Windows web server, the home page is normally default.htm, so you have to add something like index.html into the list of default docs on IIS.

          I think there is also somewhere within Contribute where you can set what the default doc, in this case index.html, should be for the site, so try doing that as well.

          If you fix it, please tell us here what you did.


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            Doigy Level 1
            The problem is specific to one user, and not a general problem.

            When I go to the home page, /index.html is in the address bar, and I can edit this page fine.

            The user with the problem experiences the same address for the home page; /index.html, rather than just the domain name.

            I've bumped index.html above index.htm in the Index Files tab of Administer > Web Server.

            I'll ask him to try again, but I doubt that will solve it.

            I've sent him another connection key with Administrator privileges, I'll see how that goes.
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              lukaro Level 1
              This might be worth try ... do your own research first though ...

              When the local user clicks on the edit button, Contribute 3 creates a local draft copy of the page at:

              Windows XP, 2000:
              C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Macromedia\Contribute\Sites

              This local draft copy then gets uploaded to the server when the user clicks publish. If that process is interrupted, e.g. by a Firewall, or a drop in the internet connection, it can leave the draft local copy of that page on the machine. The next time the user tries to edit that page, they can't because Contribute 3 can't write the local draft to the local machine, because there's already a local file there. So, try going to that location and seeing if there's already a local copy of index.html, delete it, then try the edit button again.


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                Doigy Level 1
                Thanks lukaro,

                I let the user know that this location needs to be checked, but I had no feedback if it was or not.

                The problem has since magically resolved. I'm not sure if he deleted those temporary drafts or not.

                I appreciate your assistance!