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    Using stratus in live project?


      I know Stratus is still in beta and perhaps not fully reliable - my question is more about the legal status of using Stratus. Is it possible to use a beta developer key in a live web project with potentially lots of users? Are there any limitations to the beta keys? Or is the beta solely for testing out the server in a developer environment and you are prohibited from using it elsewhere? I suppose the latter is the case, but I'm looking into suitable techniques for a future project, and would like to be clear on how this can be used

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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          Stratus is a free, unsupported, beta service for developers and is for non-commercial use only.  there is no service guarantee.


          that said, there is currently no limitation in the developer keys.  how many users do you mean by "potentially lots of users"?  if you anticipate more than 10,000 simultaneous users, please let us know so we can plan our cluster capacity accordingly.  at the current time, significantly more than that many users from one developer could negatively impact performance of Stratus for all users.


          please re-read the Stratus Terms-of-Use and ensure that any planned use of Stratus is in accordance with its terms.