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    Data tips in column chart - show strange numbers

    martinjconnolly Level 1

      Hi all

      quite often the data tip on a column chart shows loads of decimal places, even if that is not present in the data that it is representing. My application has data stored to only 3 decimal places but the chart often shows 12 (if I count them right) in the data tip. Why does this happen and is writing my own data tip function the only solution?


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          Yogi_ACE Level 2

          Till the time you found correct solution for this, you can use NumberFormatter and set precision value for the number.



          var value:* = 6.1649999999...;

          var _numFormatterObj:NumberFormatter = new NumberFormatter();

          _numFormatterObj.precision = 3;

          var num:String = _numFormatterObj.format(value);





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            BrianIreland Level 1

            The above suggestion works fine, but you can also use:


            var:value: Number = int(yourNumber * 1000)/1000;


            or if using a string value first:


            var value:Number = int(Number(stringValue)*1000)/1000

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              Sorry about resurecting an old post, but I'm having the same issue. My original numbers have unknow number of decimals, and when storing them in my ArrayCollection, I was originally using Math.round(myNumber*100)/100 to keep only 2 decimals. To my surprise, chart datatips show some numbers with 10 decimals (38.4899999999 for example).


              I switched to using Number(nfToVal.format(myNumber)), since I already use the same NumberFormatter to display those numbers in a datagrid.

              For info, nfToVal is:

              var nfToVal:NumberFormatter = new NumberFormatter();

              nfToVal.decimalSeparatorTo = ".";


              Problem still there! Numbers display correctly as strings after being formatted, but get decimals again when converted back to numbers ...


              Any hints ????