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    3D PSD file import : how to change 3D anchor point in AE ? Challenge..!


      Hello everyone,


      I've successfully imported a 3D file from Photoshop Extended CS4 into AE CS4. In AE, I can sucessfully animate rotation of the 3D object.


      Here's the problem : I cannot change the 3D object's anchor point. I've tried changing the anchor point's coordinates on the controller layer of the 3D object layer, the numers change, but the anchor point remains at its initial position, as if it was locked.


      I also thought changing the anchor point in PS Extended before importing the file into AE, but PS Extended does not seem to have an anchor point changing tool.


      So I even reasoned back one step : changing the anchor point in my 3D software since the beginning. Well, not possible because PS Extended seems to create an average position for the anchor point when impoting a 3D file from a third party software. So useless changing the coordinates in the 3D software.


      Photoshop Extended 3D is the only possible workflow to import 3D objects into AE that I know of.


      So, is is possible to change the 3D anchor point directly in After Effects ? What blocks that point from being changed ?


      This is quite a challenging problem, good luck for finding a solution ! I'm very sure that this technique is commonly needed and used when working in 3D, and that it will be of great help for many designers that want 3D in After Effects !


      Thanks again !


      Note : please do not confuse simple After Effects standard 3D layer, with the 3D PSD file import layer, these are two totally different types