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    HTML Redirect with form being submited onLoad (link integrated with flash)


      Right here it goes, not sure if it is at all possible but any input would be much appreciated.

      Here's the deal.
      Developing an easy straight forward online store integrated with EBSWorldpay . Not looking for any fancy stuff.
      What i would like to do is put a flash url link that would direct a user to a html file that contains a hidden form and it would submit it on load redirecting a user straight to EBSwordpay checkout. Simple HTML Redirect with submited form.

      check the link here it has the source code of the form that is required.: http://www.rbsworldpay.com/support/b...=examples&c=IE

      Trying to use Example 0.1 ( So instead of having a separate page with a "BUY" for the form to be submitted, I would like to get the form posted straight away which would in turn load the payment site. Would create a seperate html file for each item and have redirects on the main website linking to those onLoad submit forms.

      Tried to explain as best as possible. Let me know if it's not clear enough.