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    Custom icon per entry in the AS2 Tree Component (using CS3)

    ankhcomm Level 1

      I have a tree component that loads its data from an XML file and I wonder if I can customize every entry to have its own icon by adding an icon attribute to every entry in the XML and giving the tree an action to read that icon (which would exist in the library of the Flash file). My goal is to reproduce a tree within an application that my company is developing (it's for a training tool related to that application).


      My XML says something like <node label = 'Label' heading = 'LABEL' desc = 'Description' icon = 'icon1' />


      My label is what the tree displays, the heading is what the information dialog in the training tool displays as a title bar, the desc is what the training tool displays within the body of the text for the function description and the icon is what I want to be a reference to the graphic in the library to place as an icon in front of the item rather than use setStyle with the properties for disclosure, leaf, and folder icons.


      Is that possible? I haven't found a solution for it yet.