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    Is my Help project too big? Or are images the issue?

      I am having issues generating the primary layout for my help project. It generated just fine without any of the images pasted into my Word file but when I put the images where they are going in the Word file after saving the Word file and attempting to generate the layout all that happens is this:

      Starting compilation...
      Clearing output folder...
      Starting compilation...

      and then the View Result button appears. When I attempt to view the result the Single Source Wizard says that it Failed to find the html result file.

      I proceeded to delete all the images from the Word file and attempt to generate the primary layout after saving the Word file and it generates just as it should, minus images.

      So I am curious as to why it will not generate and what happens to the html file when I try to generate the primary layout with the images in Word. Is my file too big? Or do I need to add my images exclusively through the image workshop?