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    External Interface Question - Javascript to Actionscript

    George Donn

      I need this action script always running  during the whole life of the application - but if do not put it into a function I get an error that says "ReceovedFromJavaSript" is an unrecognized parameter - but my function is declared.


      But if I put the code (bold and italics) in a function it compiles but there is no way that javasript can reach it unless I trigger some event in the application to get that function rolling.




             if (ExternalInterface.available) {
                      try {
                          ExternalInterface.addCallback("sendToActionScript", receivedFromJavaScript);   
                      } catch (error:SecurityError) {
                          Alert.show("A SecurityError occurred: " + error.message + "\n");
                      } catch (error:Error) {
      Alert.show("An Error occurred: " + error.message + "\n");
                  } else {
      Alert.show("External interface is not available for this container.");

              private function receivedFromJavaScript(value:String):void {
                  Alert.show("JavaScript says: " + value + "\n");