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    Reader 9.3`

    Robby8615 Level 1

      When I try to download or view my bills on my creditors account websites the PDF page loads but does not download a bill.  The page come back as a blank (white) page.  On my Bill accounts page I have to the option to view or save my statements.  The view will not work but if I select save then open the PDF file it will come up on my computer and I can save it to the computer then go to reader 9.3 and open it and print my statement.  On my creditors account I do not have the option to save and the PDF file will not download.  I have upgraded to Windows 7 within the last week.  Prior to that I was running Windows XP Home but the new 9.3 readers was doing the same thing on that system. I have had my creditor start paper bills again so I can see my bills before I pay them.