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    Prevent editing of some fields in dynamic form




      I have used the Create Dynamic Form Wizard to create a detail page which contains all the fields in my pedigree submission form database. This form is then used by others to input the data into another database program (A Windows dog pedigree program). Those folks then edit a couple fields in the form with their initials and edit date.


      Is there a way to prevent the rest of the fields from being edited? So submission information is not accidentally changed.


      FYI, I am a PHP & ADDT rookie, please keep this in mind when you offer suggestions.

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          Dennis48755 Level 1

          I discovered how to accomplish this using the Manage Dynamic Form Wizard and changed the "Display as" field property from "Text field" to "Text" for the fields I wanted read only.


          Now I have another problem, the properties of one of the fields (for comments) was "Text area" when I changed it to "Text" I now have this extremely long line that streches the width of the browser.


          Is there a way to get this line to wrap? This is he line I'm working with...

          <td class="form_results"><?php echo KT_escapeAttribute($row_rssubmissions['sub_comments']); ?></td>





          I found the answer to this problem, Günter had answered it in another post.