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    Repeating Rows

    Jerry62712 Level 1

      I couldn't find an example of how to build a form with repeating rows on it.


      What I need is a search form that will be populated from a database.  The user can then click a button to select a record where a new form with much more detailed information will appear.


      To do this I have a form with a table on it inside of a subform.  The table data row is maked for repeating.  I went to the form properties under edit and clicked the preview button and then selected the generate option to create some XML data to test the form with.  One row was created in the XML so I duplicated it to see if the form would then have multiple rows.


      It didn't.


      What I'm looking for is 1) how to created the form correctly for multiple rows and 2) how do I add an action to the render so the form will popup with the data from the database.


      BTW, is anyone else having extremely slow loads on livedoc today?  I'm talking hours to open it.