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    Vector Map - Question

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      I found this map in vector format. I wanted to know what could have be done to achieve these features.

      Here in this map, there is  an 3D effect (kind) on the bottom surface of the map. How this kind of work can be done in Illustrator. I checked out the vector file and found that the 3D feature was actually individual shaps, but creating in individual shaps its time consuming task, but again its done. Please let me know how this can be done.


      vector - india.jpg

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          tromboniator Adobe Community Professional



          You could do this by
          1) drawing the map outline with the pencil tool
          2) apply a stroke color and a small size, say about .25 pt., and a fill color
          3) Go to Effect>3D>Extrude & Bevel, rotate the cube so that the colored surface is toward the top and extrude depth is 2 or 3 pt. Click OK.
          4) Go to Object>Expand Appearance
          5) Object>Ungroup 3 times
          6) Deselect the fill/map surface, leaving the outline selected
          7) Apply a black stroke of .25 or .125 pt. to the selected outline.


          Please let me know if anything isn't clear to you.